At last / About

I've been wanting to start a blog for as long as I've discovered this weird little word called "blog". And I many times...but I never seem to get past all the distracting hurdles: what should I call it? Which platform should I use? How should it look? What's the theme? At which point I'm so tired from trying to "commit" to all these seemingly unchangeable and big decisions (that don't actually matter), that I never actually get started on whole point of it all > just write!

Today is different though, I'm starting a blog midday while I'm supposed to be working...why? Because it's Monday hahah. But really, I stumbled on a blog post and thought "what a clean simple blog this is" and noticed it was built on Mataroa. This is totally going to sound like I'm promoting the service (which so far I do like), but the simplicity of the blog, absent of all the unnecessary bloat, is what got me to finally start a blog at last! And because it's Monday :p

I'm writing under a pseudonym (Makun), funnily enough, not to hide my identity from the general public, but rather my friends and family! I don't think I can write as freely knowing that someone I know might be read it (same gist as how I stopped posting images on facebook once my mother tried to add me as a friend...). I guess I'm also digitally shy~ the internet can be such a cruel place despite all its wonderfulness. Let's hope some of my writings will inspire a bit more of the latter.